Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Master of Deception and Spin?

Emma Watson is the master of deception and spin

This is the title of Echee's last post. I hope Echee is OK, by the way. I have been a pain in the ass on his Blog for over a year, but always thought Echee was a decent guy.

Anyway, I am not convinced Emma is a 'master' of deception and spin.

Does Emma sometimes contradict herself? 

Does Emma sometimes say silly, inane things on Twitter and in interviews (mostly in women's magazines)?

Is something funny going with Emma's education?

<< >>

Emma, Logan, and Ezra (the so called new trio) have done a lot of promotional things for Perks in recent weeks. 

Is this all some big act? Is it all fake just to promote the movie so it makes more money?

I don't think so. I don't see it that way.

I think Emma genuinely likes how the movie came out and is proud of how she did playing Sam. Emma, Logan and Ezra seem to actually be friends. There is an authentic feel to how they act around each other.  I don't think the 3 of them are just pretending to like each other to promote the movie.

When Emma hugged those guys on Anderson Cooper, I don't think it flashed through her mind, "Oh shit, I have to hug another pathetic douche bag fan!, Jesus, the things I do for my career."

I think it is the exact opposite. Emma seems to like hugging people. She seems to like people in general and people seem to like her. I don't see that she is some mega diva bitch who no one likes working  with. 

I don't see Emma as some coldly calculating, manipulative, "master of deception and spin".  I think she bumbles her way through the media game sometimes. She makes it up as she goes along. 

In conclusion, Emma is a little bit fake. There is some image spin going on, but I think she is mostly the real deal. 

I think she is goofy and nerdy sometimes. She exaggerates the importance of things like the damn tunnel. When she says she cried half way through watching Perks the first time, her eyes were probably a bit watery. Maybe more hyperbole.

But no one is the world is that big of a 'master' of deception and spin. The majority of what we see of Emma is genuine in my opinion. Some people read too much into quotes from Elle and Glamour and Seventeen and then over analyze things from there.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Page 1
You've Got Some Splaining to do Miss Watson!

I tried to defend Emma when she said she played beer pong after she said she didn't drink at Brown. I mean ....  maybe she played beer pong for 5 minutes and took a few sips of beer. That wouldn't be a huge lie.

But this whole education thing is impossible to defend. I have nothing. If she went to Brown this semester (Fall 2012)  then next semester, maybe you could somehow fudge that she had enough credits to graduate, but missing two semesters at Brown and part of the year at Oxford is too much. There is no way she has enough credits to get a degree in English (Class of 2013).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What is xxS talking about?

Update July 16

xxS said on Echee's Blog.

"Anyway, I actually feel a little humored that I've gotten THAT far below Gilbert's skin. Am I on the same level of hate as you Echee?

Gilbert, as I know you read all of these comments and posts, give yourself a break. Hating someone takes time. Not caring is instant. Take my word for it :)


I don't get this. I don't have comment moderation on so everyone's comments show up instantly. Someone who maybe pretended to be xxS or whatever said I was not approving their comments.

I said below that maybe Echee pretended to be xxS. I said in a comment that xxS's writing is much better than Echee's. I commented a week or so ago that xxS has criticized Echee in the past and therefore I doubted that they were the same person.

It was other people making these claims, not me. I never really thought xxS and Echee were the same person. What is this stuff about getting under my skin and "hating someone takes time". It doesn't make any sense.

1. I haven't censored a single comment. Echee censors dozens if not hundreds.

2. I don't dislike xxS or anyone else on Echee's Blog. They clearly hate me as much as Emma, though.

Some of that I deserve. Some of it is because they assume that other people who defend Emma are me. They are not all me. Echee and other's have sort of combined everyone that disagrees with Echee into one big "Gilbert".  I am positive there is someone from Potter Shots who defends Emma and plays mind games with Echee and Echee thinks it is me.

I bet it is the same person who brought up that Johnny Bravo stuff a long time ago.

Echee is too freakin' paranoid. He even accused Mishy of being "Gilbert" awhile ago because Mishy's writing got better. That is the type of logic and deductive reasoning that Echee uses. It is no different with his analysis of Emma Watson. He gets things wrong quite frequently but will never admit it. He is stubborn and paranoid.


July 14,

 I was just browsing through the comments on Echee's Blog and saw one from xxS....

Also, I thought you'd find this interesting, I commented on Gilbert's site yesterday after commenting on your other post about him (I basically called him out on his site being focused on just trolling you and your site, and that he's not really proving anything with his in regards to Watson) and he didn't approve of my comment or he deleted it. Two others have shown up, obviously both badmouthing Echee and this blog, but I figured that'd be worth sharing.

Funny how Gilbert can say that Echee apparently doesn't approve of quotes when he does it himself. I am nearly certain he is the only person who comments on his blog now, too. Maybe I shouldn't have signed with "xxS." Or I should write with everything ending in "!!"


I don't have any comment moderation enabled or any stupid captha thing. Anyone can say anything they want on my Blog. I think Echee may have pretended to be xxS to make some counter claim that I also censor comments just like he does.

Anyway, Echee's new post is typically lame. Emma has made it clear over the last few years that she doesn't want to sign on to another 10 year franchise anytime real soon. So what, who cares, this is not a lie. She wants to keep her life flexible. She is already very rich. She doesn't have to do anything for the rest of her life, if that is what she feels like, but she wants to keep acting so she is taking some roles and moving forward.  We won't know for at least a year or two if Emma will have any long term acting career post Potter.

There is not enough information at this point in time. We need to see how she does in Perks, and Bling and then maybe that Apocalypse movie that Echee and his one or two minions think had some major scandal so maybe Emma is not even if the movie anymore. Funny how there is not one other source besides "SleasyWeasley" for this story. And their name has a Potter connotation. Echee doesn't care though. That is enough verification for him.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Big Picture

Rose informed me that Echee had a new post about me and my Blog. Thank you Rose.

Part One. Why this Blog was started.

Echee seems to want to set the record straight about me and this Blog. As usual, most of what he says is not entirely accurate. No big surprise there.

Here is what really happened....

A month or two ago, I forget, Echee took his Blog down. Someone noticed and said something on Eden's Blog and I think it was actually Eden that said "maybe he went private". I chuckled at this thinking that would be really stupid of Echee but didn't really think that was likely. I admit I was a little disappointed that maybe the Blog was going away, because sometimes it was fun.

So after a little while the Blog shows up again. Someone mentioned it somewhere so I went there and took a quick look. I think Echee said something like he was going to leave all the old stuff there for people to see but just forget about it or something and not do any new posts, I can't remember exactly what he said.

So then a little more time goes by and Echee starts making new posts. He claims he doesn't want to allow comments for some reason, I forget what he actually said, but it was pretty lame.

I admit, I found some of his new posts incredibly dense and just way off from the truth, but there was no way to respond so I decided to start this Blog, so at least people had a chance to exchange their thoughts and opinions without some megalomaniac, control freak suppressing the free exchange of ideas.

Then some more time goes by and Echee brings comments back. He clearly decrees that I am banned. OK, fair enough. So I started to take some of his posts and write my own commentary on them. Slowly, some other people started to find my Blog. And more recently, everytime Echee censors a comment, people know they can come here and say what's on their mind.

So I am getting comments that were intended for Echee's Blog but wind up here. That's fine with me. I don't really have much time lately to work on this Blog and to be honest I spend a lot of time on Geek Blogs talking about computer nerd shi .. stuff. Like cracks and hacks and new apps and things like that.....

Part Two. The Analyses of Echee Post "Meet the True Emma Watson (GILBERT BATES BLOG) "

Tomorrow I will provide an in depth analysis of what Echee said in his latest post about me.

For example,

Echee says: "He (Gilbert) only uses one side. I show both sets of quotes. I don't discriminate anything she says."

I had to laugh at this (and not just at the piss poor grammer and syntax). Echee never, ever uses both sides. He has not onced used a positive quote about Emma or from Emma and never, ever mentions anything positive about her "real" life.

You know, she seems like a pretty decent person to me. I don't think it is all some big act. Emma is figuring things out as she goes and has done pretty good so far managing her life. She has strong family ties and has not had any major scandal (yet).

With the quote above, Echee proves he is an inveterate, pathalogical liar by claiming he shows both sides of Emma.

More to come tomorrow.. Good night!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Echee Can't Handle The Truth! More Banned Comments. More people just wanting to express themselves.

What the hell Echee!! Why do all these people keep showing up on my Blog. I am putting a fairly pathetic effort into it, because work is so bad right now, but Christ, you know people know of my Blog, and when you ban their comments they will come here and of course you know I have no compunction about making you look bad for being a control freak.
Just let comments go through for God Sake! Who cares anyway? It is not a matter of national security. Let your readers decide what is a good comment or not, not Big Brother Echee.

Plus it takes a half hour to scroll down to where the comments are anyway
there are so many damn pictures. And then there is comment moderation and then
there is that horrible captcha thing or whatever it is called. You can't even read it.
You do everything possible to micro manage the information on your Blog.

You know I feel kind of bad for ALBS, xxS, Usaigchan (I can never spell that so I call her RealU) and Mishy and others,  they somehow think you are capable of filtering  responses to "their" comments in a way that they find acceptable.

This is pretty sad actually. RealU even said you should check IP addresses so that The Great and Powerful Echee (pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!) can sort out the comments before Usagichan has to look at them. I lost some respect for her then, but  still kind of like her.

Anyway below are some comments that Echee banned and other comments he couldn't handle so he either just brushed them off or ignored them ||| ...

Comment One. This person makes some sense to me. Emma has said a lot of things about her education, but she made it pretty clear she was going to continue her acting career. I think when she said she was going to focus on her studies, she meant for months not years.

Echee and others tend to isolate one comment then zero in on it and not look at  all other comments on the same issue collectively...

Anon said on Echee's Blog but it was not allowed so they came here and commented:

i posted comment on echee's blog pointing out how he does'nt observe the big picture. he looks at one quote sometimes and ingores other quotes on the same issue thus not seeing the big picture, i typed it in wordpad to get some of bad writing fixed so i still have it.

here it is! i don't think anyone likes being ignored.. and i think i was wright on some things!
"you don't necessarily make things up. you have tunnel vision sometimes though.
emma said: "i am going to focus solely on my studies"
ok, but she also said "i am going to do both" when asked
about school and acting.

letterman asked her in 2009 when talking about school
"first and foremost you consider yourself an actor, correct?"
Emma said: "yes". on jonathon ross, she said she wanted the
best of both worlds when talking about school.

so what has emma done so far, she focused on her education
for 4 straight semesters then focused on her career, then
focused on her education, then focused on her career.
that brings us to the summer of 2012. we don't know what
will happen next.

you have failed to make a case that when emma said she will
focusing on her education she meant until she completely
"finished" her education. it would be career suicide for her
to go to 4 straight years of college and not do one movie.
and she never said that was her intention. she clearly said
she was going to do both.

you pick "one" quote on an issue and dwell on it to the
exclusion of all others instead of looking at "all" the quotes
on an issue. if you look at "all" the quotes on education, emma is doing
pretty much what she said she would do, but also figuring
things out as she goes along. no one can predict the future.

when there are many quotes on an issue but a person focuses on
one or two and does'nt consider all of them, then this is the
definition of taking something out of context.

Next a brush off of Rose because Echee had no response. This was about Emma not knowing what books she has or something. A totally lame accusation to begin with.

Rose said: When I asked him to provide proof, he responded with "LOL good night rose". I hope those who read his blog will see his response for what it is--a dismissal of a challenge to provide proof.

Ignored comments because Echee had no articulate response...

- Echee ignored a comment about the caffeine meme when someone said maybe she was drinking decaf. Or maybe since that quote was so damn old to begin with that Emma didn't like coffee when she was young but then did when she went to college. What the hell is wrong with that? Is that really an issue to criticize someone on?

- Echee ignored a comment when someone said that Emma did not directly call Kim K "low culture".  Emma said reality TV was low culture compared to Virginia Wolfe, then referenced Kim K who basically epitomizes reality TV. This is an obvious misquote by Echee.

Oh but Echee is always right and anyone who defends Emma is a Loon or Stan.

And last someone posted the below comment a little while ago. I think I know who this is from PS. I don't see why Echee wouldn't just let it go through. What the heck is his problem? It wasn't some goo goo blind faith worship of the Emma Deity comment like Echee claims all her fans make. It was alright. (Maybe I did get a little pushy with the Perks stuff. They didn't like me at the Leaky Cauldron years ago either. I get too emotional sometimes.)

AnonymousAnonymous said...

OMG, Echee banned my comment! I was just trying to reach out and find some common ground. Echee doesn't want common ground I guess. I have learned from others, that Gilbert doesn't censor. Dude, I didn't mean all the things I said about you! I was trying to atract attention to my comment like everyone does. We all want people to read what we say and respond to it. I actually only think you are a little nuts, not a lot nuts. I am still a Christian so some of your anti Bible rhetoric is a bit much.

Any hoo, luckily I type my comments in Word so I can spell check and shit. Echee deleted my comment so I thought I would put it here. I don't think it was that bad. (But dude, take your messiah story down. Start over or something.)

Here is my not very worthy comment but not worthy of censorship either,,..

It's me again. Boring convo on Eden's Blog and PS. Emma is in NY again, wasn't she just at Wimbleton?

Anyhoo ,,... xxS said: "You do not state anything that poses as a disconnect in my statement (not theory)."

I am just saying, not all Emma fans are exactly alike just as all people on this Blog are not exactly alike. There are myriad variations and at least six degrees of separation between a Gilbert and most people I talk to on a daily basis.

Most of us do not put much stock in Teen Vogue, or Seventeen or The Sun or DM, irregardless if something is positive or negative about Emma.
There is a meme that says "praise all her magazine interviews", this is not necessarily true. We are not as gullible as you think. We understand the "grain of salt" paradigm.

Just FYI, Gilbert is Jerry Riddle on Potter Shots. He acts like a pompous expert on Perks because he read the book a zillion times. He is pedantic and obnoxious. I thought the book was pretty boring but I want to see how Emma does as Sam.

I think we all do whether you like her or not. I am almost afraid to watch it because she might suck!

If you look closely we are not all that different. There are a few people on the frindges or extremes, that have out of control obsessions that occlude their judgement, but most people fall somewhere in between.

This is a global aphorism!

Just for the record, I only read Perks of Being a Wallflower once. I have a semi eidetic memory. I didn't read it a zillion times.

Good night - Gilbert

Friday, July 6, 2012

Echee censors comments and checks people's IP addresses!

Usagichan just made a comment on Echees' Blog. I kind of like her actually. I responded to one of her comments a week or so ago. It didn't show up! I can't even remember what the topic was now or what I said, but I am pretty sure I was just saying something to RealU and it didn't even directly involve Emma that much. Echee didn't like it, I guess.

So today the topic of IP addresses comes up on Echee's Blog.

Echee says:

Rockerfeller apartments in the upper east side in NYC... can I borrow some money?

Harbor City, Ca... your are here more than I am

Brookline, mass... I wonder if you are really gilbert but I question if he's from boston anyway

etc, etc, etc,

And who checks in from the London school of political science on cheapside street all the time?

What the hell? Does Echee think his anti Emma Watson Blog is a matter of national security? Who cares who says what? There are major problems we need to deal with on this planet collectively as a species.  I don't get why anyone would censor comments and then try to get IP addresses of people that comment on a Blog Spot site.

A little full of ourselves Echee? Do you think your Blog is somehow much more important than it actually is? Echee has actually referred to Stalin and Hitler and others in some of his past writings. Echee is more like Stalin and Hilter everyday day!

The last comment I made on Echee's Blog was to Usagichan. Not Echee! He didn't let it go through. Usagichan actually asked Echee "what Giberts Blog was". What do you think? I bet everything I have Echee won't tell her.

Monday, July 2, 2012

So Let's Take a Closer Look at Some of These Meme's

Part One

Echee has  a truck load of new "memes" on his Blog. Echee kind of copied the idea that Spinkles and the others had on the tumblr blog, but no big deal. It is a pretty good idea conceptually. You can show a somewhat unflattering picture of someone (in this case Emma) and add what appear to be lies and deceptions.

What is a "meme" anyway?

A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. (from wiki)

OK, fair enough! I just don't want the false ones to spread. Someone needs to examine these "memes" a little closer and do a validity check on them. They are all based on a shred of truth, there is no doubt. But other things have been based on just a shred of truth in the past and now seem extremely improbable.

Take Noah and The Great Flood for example. There was a flood, yes. There were lots of floods.


1. It was not the whole world that flooded. The people back then did not know they lived on a planet. They did not know the earth was round. The whole world to them was essentially as far as they could see or walk.

They assumed it was the whole world but they were wrong!

2. God had nothing to do with it. There have been many floods, earthquakes, volcanos erupting, etc and people back then always thought it was "God" or "The Gods" that were angry with them. They didn't understand what caused natural phenomena at that time so they made assuptions. They needed explainations so the world they lived in would make sense.

This is an example of an event being misinterpreted for centuries. What acutally happened was that after the last ice age, there was a large body of water trapped at elevation in the mountains now known as the Swiss Alps. As the earth warmed this body of water broke free and rushed down into the Adriatic then into the Mediterranean. (This could also have been from the Black Sea and a different mountain range)

A guy, maybe his name was Noah, noticed the water rising. He told his family to get on their boat. He  noticed one of his sons putting 5 goats and 6 chickens or whatever on the boat. Noah said, no we don't have room for all the farm animals. Just take two of each, a male and a female.

That's it! That's the story of Noah and the Great Flood. It was a natual event that had nothing to do with God. It was embellished and distorted over centuries and ended up in the Bible.

This happens all the time. Words and events can be altered and distorted and if no one catches it early on it can become the Truth.

First meme examination:

This is actually two quotes combined together and Echee had the unmitigated gall to say  they were verbatim quotes. Emma didn't say anything about convictions when she supposedly said she would never do a celebrity fragrance in 2007. She didn't actually use the words "celebrity fragance" either. It was about her "own perfume".

She was 17 at the time and was answering fan questions.

This is what really happened...  (from a comment on Echee's Blog who I think is from Potter Shots, they explained it fairly well)

For example, in 2007 she was responding to fan questions in a video interview
about launching her own perfume. Just FYI the question before the perfume question was ,
"what did you ask Santa Claus for Christmas?" But the perfume question
was "If you had the chance to launch your own perfume, what you would call it?"
Emma laughs and said "She never would". So four years later Lancome comes
out with "their" own new perfume and cosmetics and hires Emma Watson to promote
them. (The same as Anne Hathaway and Julie Roberts and others by the
way) ... and Echee claims Emma lied about launching her own perfume. Is
this what passes for deductive reason and uncovering the "truth" these days?
This is a pretty lame attempt at calling Emma a liar!

I agree with that person. This was pretty lame by Echee. He alters the words and combines two quotes together that were from different time periods. What kind of crap is that?

This is Echee/Sprinkle meme examination Part 1. I will do another one tomorrow (maybe). If anyone wants to use their knowledge of Emma to help refute these unfair accusations against a decent actress and decent person, just provide the info in the comments.