Thursday, March 29, 2012

New post from Echee March 28 (Emma Watson leaves University again using same excuse)

Not much of substance in Echee's new post. Like I said in my previous post. Emma is doing exactly what she said she wanted to do. Go to school and continue her acting career. She has gone to College for awhile then took a break and focused on her career then went back an focused on her studies, then took more time off to do another movie. What the F' is your problem Echee?!! If she never gets her degree, that would be Echee vindication. I bet you any amount of money that does finish. She may take more time off next year to another movie, but so what?

At the end of Echee's post he said : "I'm going to try to just do web articles and any new quotes she puts out there that are contradictive or things she does that are hypocritical without too much insight from me when I can. I'm going to try to be more subjective."

I think he meant objective. He is already very subjective!

And what is the point of having a Blog with comments disabled? Echee has over 600,000 hits. He will never make it to 1 Million with comments disabled. No one will come back if they can't say anything. Echee says the comments are a pain. Why doesn't he just turn them on and ignore them. He doesn't have to read them and you can turn off email notification.


Anonymous said...

No one will ever come back to your dumb Blog either, Gilbert!

Anonymous said...

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