Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Echee Says ... Emma Watson continues showing us her underwear collection

Echee says .... Seems like almost every event she's flashing a body part that should be covered.

You can barely see anything here and there are not as many nip slips and crotch shots as Echee would have you believe. That wasn't even a nipple when she was wearing the pink dress at the Lancome event, but Echee made a big deal out of it.

And by the way... The 22-year-old was actually rushing to sign autographs for an excited group of fans who couldn't get close enough to their idol.


Her two worst moments were her 18th birthday when some jerk jumped into her limo and took a picture up her dress, and the BAFTA's last year when she had double sided tape on that blue dress and it broke free. There are not that many other events where Emma exposes herself. Echee completely exaggerates here as usual and is a total coward for not allowing comments.


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Anonymous said...

You suck Gilbert!