Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Echee's Latest Ramblings

April 16  - Echee says  .... Emma Watson shows tramp stamp for Bling Bling role 

I don't get it. Emma said something about Hermione a few years ago and now she is filming a movie where the character is not much like Hermione. So what? There are not many roles out there where the character is like Hermione. It was a unique role. Emma may never get another role like Hermione for the rest of her acting career. As usual, I  don't get Echee's point at all!

Echee says ... Emma Watson at Coachella

Echee had a post a week or so ago about Roberto and Rafael or whatever who were seen with Emma in LA implying she has another new boyfriend. Turns out she is still with Will. Wrong again Echee!

In this post Echee talks about George Craig and Johnny Simmons. There is actually no tangible evidence that Emma lied about these relationships. The quotes are unconfirmed (The Sun and Zimbio). Emma was on the radio at Glastonbury and she did not hide that she was on a date with George.

Also, there is nothing wrong with the way Emma is dressed. It is a concert and Sophie's sun glasses and hand bag are bigger than Emma's. There are many candid's of Emma where she is dressed simply with no "big sunglasses and designer hand bag" and some where she does have sunglasses. As usual Echee obsesses over some old quote in a women's magazine and holds Emma to what she said ad infinitum.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand your blog

Anonymous said...

Echee and others haters just want emma to stick to hermoine' image forever and give up of all other roles she has landed ! Simply jealous