Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Echee's new post April 25, 2012

Now Emma Watson was never a lipstick person

Echee says: Another flip flop from Emma Watson ...

.... It's shucking and jiving your core belief system by doing a piss poor job at hiding it. I happen to be paying attention. Not too many others are. 

This is another example of Echee reading too much into something. Emma is a celebrity promoting these products. 

"I never used to be a 'lipstick person' : Emma says     ... but these go on really light and easy."

This is basically an advertisement. Lots of celebrities do it. Maybe it is shampoo or razor blades or whatever.

Someone might say: "I never liked shaving before, but these new Gillette 6 Trac blades make it so easy."  This statement might have nothing to do with their "real" life.

Emma has said a lot things over the years promoting Harry Potter, or Burberry or People Tree, or Lancome or whatever. You can't take everything she says literally all the time! A lot of it is just a bunch of promotional fluff. 

She is not necessarily changing her "core belief system" as Echee's claims.



Anonymous said...

You will just never get it, Gilbert. You are completely blinded by her brand and image and looks.

Gilbert said...

I am partially blinded, I admit, but most of Echee's criticism of Emma is not justified.