Thursday, April 5, 2012

Echee's new Post on April 2 (Emma's dream is over after fashion line flops) Part 2

From Eden's Blog...

This rumour spread all over the internet but Safia Minney, People Tree’s founder and CEO, talked to Ecouterre.
“Emma is a very good actress and a sensitive person with an ethical and ecological vision that perfectly embodies People Tree’s vision and philosophy,” Minney tells Ecouterre. “The collection was amazing, was received very well by clients and press, and sold well. We are very happy about this opportunity with Emma.” Not only did People Tree close 2011 with a 10 percent increase in online sales, Minney adds, but it also increased its orders of fair-trade and organic cotton by 150 percent in 2012 alone.
Another flop from the Daily Mail. They should choose their "sources" more wisely.

Another flop by Echee too. He should also check his sources more wisely.


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