Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emma Watson: A hot mess at Tribeca movie festival

Echee says: I think Emma needs to get her old stylist back from Prince Beatrice. I've never bought this notion she is some fashionista Icon. That's part of her image. She looks good in what others pick for her. There is no doubt there. 

Echee makes a decent point here. I think she did dress better when she had a stylist and apparently the stylist she had before was quite talented. I think I would dress better too if I had that stylist.

That being said, Emma did not look that bad at Tribeca. Not a spectacular outfit, but not horrible either. She looked cute.

My personal opinion is that when Emma wears really heavy bright red lipstick and does not choose her outfit wisely she does not look that great. When she keeps it simple she has a wholesome cuteness that works well for her.

I think even Echee would agree with this.



Anonymous said...

No matter what Emma does, Echee would find fault in it!

Anonymous said...

I thought she looked pretty good here. I like when she asked the question to Roberto