Monday, May 21, 2012

Comment By Anonymous

 Anonymous said...

I still do not understand why you are doing this blog. You're saying you are setting things straight with another blog

It's making you look like the obsessed one, mate.

Your not doing a good job at it.

Gilbert says: "The other Blog ... Meet The Real Emma Watson ... does not allow comments. So Echee just nit picks the shit out of Emma and does not let anyone respond. That is the purpose of this Blog. To set things straight.


Anonymous said...

You're not setting anything straight. You look obsessed.

You are obsessed with Emma so your going after a anti-emma blog.

It's not worth it, mate.

Gilbert said...

I agree it probably isn't worth it, but it is the principle of it. For over a year I was a thorn in Echee's side. He took comments away mostly because of me. Now I am still commenting and making corrections to his post from my own Blog. No bid deal!

Anonymous said...

But hun your not making corrections. You are bloviating none sense. As an outsider this blog looks like the ramblings of a insane person