Monday, May 14, 2012

Echee Post May 10

From Meet The Real Emma Watson :

Emma Watson doesn't like what caffeine does to her body?


Gilbert says: I think the only place she ever said this was on her website in the FAQs. Echee makes it seem like this is another thing she is lying about. It's possible she does like caffeine even though she said she doesn't.

However, you can get a decaf version of everything sold at Starbucks and there is caffeine free soda. 

To be honest, I don't think Emma puts much of  an effort into her website. The FAQs are very dated and most of them are pretty stupid. There is not much real info in them.

Actually, I just checked. The FAQs on her website seem to be gone. She did have the coffee and tea there in the past. I remember it because I made fun of Emma in The Last Messiah over this issue.

Anyway, this is another instance of Echee over analyzing an obscure quote of Emma's. And Echee did not even consider the possibility that Emma likes decaf and caffeine free drinks.  


Anonymous said...

I still do not understand why you are doing this blog. You're saying you are setting things straight with another blog

It's making you look like the obsessed one, mate.

Your not doing a good job at it.

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