Thursday, May 10, 2012

Echee's New Post: Emma Watson is filthy rich

First of all, some people are acting like Emma has a ton of money in her hand. She just went to the ATM (Barclay's). They only give you a limited amount at one time. She probably has a bunch of 10 pound notes. It might only be like a 100 pounds or something.

Anyway, on his latest post Echee yaks on and on about Emma spending money but complaining about her life.

Echee says: Tell me she does not sound like a high class and overly privileged ingrate? It's great she has money. That's not my point. Nor am I jealous about it. It's everything else. The grass is always greener she says? She describes her experience on the Potter set as if it were a prison. I just showed small percentage of her belly aching and whining in this post.

She never described her experience on the Potter set as if it were a prison. She did sound a little whiny sometimes, but at other times she said how lucky she was and how grateful she was to be picked to play Hermione. 

Echee only sees the negative. He completely ignores anything positive and has no sense of balance or perspective.

I admit, there is no doubt Emma was glad when Potter was over, but I think they all were. It was over 10 years. There is no other movie franchise like it. I think Dan and Rupert and even David Heyman and others were all ready to move on to new projects the same as Emma.

Summary: Emma has sounded like she was complaining in past interviews but there is balance. She has also expressed numerous times how great of an experience it was, how lucky she was and how grateful she is. 

Echee would make a shitty journalist, unless he worked for some monolithic, unilateral, narrow minded outfit that only cared about one side of a story.


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