Thursday, May 24, 2012

Echee's New Post: Here is some former Emma Watson fans that get it

From (whoever this idiot is, like their opinion is that important)

1.  .."she says she wasn’t allowed to wear earrings growing up in one interview but there are pictures from 2002 of her with earrings.

Gilbert says: Emma wasn't allowed to pierce her ears until she was 15. So this quote was not a complete lie. There was a period of time while filming Potter when she wasn't allowed to pierce her ears, then she was allowed. 

The quote from Emma is ambiguous. For 6 years or so she wasn't allowed to pierce her ears then when she got older she was allowed. They didn't want the very young Hermione to have pierced ears which makes sense. Young Hermione was not the type to pierce her ears. She wasn't interested in stuff like that. Later on (even in the books) Hermione became more attractive so it was no big deal if Emma/Hermione wore ear rings.

2. .." She said she doesn’t like to go clubs but there’s 100s photo of her coming out of them. "

Gilbert says: This is based on another misquote in my opinion. It was from some foreign women's magazine. The syntax of that whole quote, not just the clubbing part was weird. I think she actually said something like, "avoid the wild club scene" not never go to any club at all forever.

The quotes from women's mags like French Elle are not real interviews either. Emma is not actually there talking to someone. It is mostly done by FAX and email and things. There are translations that need to be made. I would bet anything that Emma did not use the exact words "never go clubbing". It is just an odd choice of words.

3. "She slams actress’ for being stick thin but isn’t exactly normal weight herself. Emma says actors shouldn’t have diva demands but at MTV movie awards she refused to talk to anyone without being done up by a make up team, who followed her around everywhere"

Gilbert says: This is complete exaggeration. She never slammed any actresses and her weight is fairly normal. It fluctuates some, but it does with most women.

4. "Says school is the most important thing for her but constantly drops out"

Gilbert says: This person sounds just like Echee. The fact is that she has not dropped out once. She has taken time off. Before she started school she said in several "video" interviews (not braindead women's mags) that she was going to do both, acting and school. She is doing both! This is exactly what she said she would do. What the 'f is the problem?


Anonymous said...

lol you're a loser

Anonymous said...

It's great and all you are defending Emma's honor...... BUT all you are doing is venting how you feel. I would love to read more journalistic fact finding and see less objective whimpering.

Gilbert said...

You make a fair point Anon above. My writing skills are limited at best.

If you want to read the worst writing since Neanderthal man, read The Last Messiah.