Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emma Watson finds it sad when women hide behind make-up

Echee says: Believe it or not Emma Watson is acting like one smug and arrogant person. This is the preachy I'm better than art thou attitude she has. Everything she says she does not like she does and everything she says she wouldn't do she does. When she talks it's like she is speaking to her royal subjects. This is definitely a daft moment for Emma Watson. I'd say the girl has a lot of nerve for being like this and people who buy this stuff must not have a brain.

Gilbert says: More hyperbole and distortion from "Meet The Real Emma Watson". Emma has worn too much makeup in the past a few times. She didn't look that good at the DH2 NY premiere in my opinion and I don't like when she slicks her hair back and put on a whole tube of heavy red lipstick, but the fact is that we only see a small fragment of her life. A lot of the time she probably doesn't wear that much makeup. She said she likes the French   "Less is more" look. Then she said ...  “Wearing too much makeup has been my biggest beauty faux-pas,”

So she admits that sometimes she puts too much on and it is a faux pas. This is more completely unfair and empty criticism by Echee.

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