Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Echee Post: The celebrity addiction of Emma Watson

Echee quotes from rense.com 2003:  "One in 10 people may be addicted celebrity worshippers, research suggests. As many as 10 percent of people develop unhealthy obsessions with celebrities which can lead to depression, anxiety and psychosis."

Gilbert says: This quote is kind of dated and misses the real point. For both good and bad we are undergoing an information explosion.

Until fairly recently the Catholic Church and other organized religions could actually suppress the Truth. They controlled information. Newton's work was banned for 300 years. Galileo was arrested for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun.

The World is changing fast. The "Social Network" with Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, Chat Rooms and over 1 Billion websites has brought us to a new age of enlightenment. The Internet has done a lot to expose untruths and bring people throughout the World closer together.

There is a dark side of course!

The problem in Echee's quote above is not celebrity worship by itself, but celebrity worship combined with the Internet. There are people who spend too much obsessing over various celebrities online and perhaps ignoring things such as getting some fresh air and excercise or doing their home work for school.

Stalkers like John Hinckley (obsessed with Jodie Foster) are rare. It is possible that Emma Watson has had one or two crazy stalker fans, but the vast majority of Emma's fans on sites like Potter Shots or Watson Uncensored are quite normal if you ask me.

I think Eden from Watson Uncensored is fairly balanced in her opinions of Emma Watson. Echee thinks Eden is a "STAN" (stalker fan).

Basically, anyone who disagrees with Echee is an obsessed fan or a STAN!

Echee says:  "Frantz Fanon said sometimes people hold core beliefs that is very strong. He went on to say when they are presented with new evidence that goes against what they believe it will not be accepted. It a creates extremely uncomfortable feeling. This is called cognitive dissonance."

Gilbert says: I actually think Echee has "negative cognitive dissonance"!

For example, Echee really wanted to catch Emma Watson in a lie about cutting her hair. Echee was tenacious in his assertion that Emma Watson cut her hair to get the role of Lisbeth Salander in the Dragon Tattoo movie.

There was zero evidence to support this claim other than one quote from the Sun which has no credibility whatsoever. (Didn't the Sun claim Johnny Simmons was living in Emma's fathers attic? They make stuff up!)

The fact is that Emma got her haircut about 3 weeks after Potter finished  filming (except for the reshoots) and it was just a coincidence that The Dragon Tattoo auditions were at that time. 

Myself and others made very cogent arguments  why it was extremely unlikely Emma Watson pursued that role. The biggest reason being she would have had to spend that entire winter in Sweden. She would have missed two semesters of College not one. Also, there was My Week Marilyn and Harry Potter reshoots and other stuff. Emma was not in a position to do that movie at that time.

Plus her pixie haircut was too short for Lisbeth Salander. Lisbeth has a punk cut with short hair in some spots but also some really long hair too. Emma would have had to wear a wig to play Lisbeth.

Echee would not give up on this, though. He applied negative cognitive dissonance!

Does this sound familiar? 

Echee says: "... people hold core beliefs that is very strong. He went on to say when they are presented with new evidence that goes against what they believe it will not be accepted"

Gilbert says: Echee does the same thing he accuses Emma fans of doing but from the opposite end of the spectrum! 

One of the first things I said on Echee's Blog over a year ago is that the Truth is closer to the middle than the extremes. Blindly obsessed Emma Watson fans (which are in the minority) are at one end of the spectrum and Echee is at the other end. Most normal people are in the middle somewhere or maybe a bit on Emma's side but not at the extreme.

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Cognitive dissonance is an interesting concept.

You think you are doing it right now?