Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Echee Post: Emma Watson has no problem finding a boyfriend

Echee Says:  ...She's denied five guys in the past. Three of them turned out to be boyfriends...

Gilbert Says: Echee uses The Sun and hearsay quotes like "Someone overheard Emma on the set of Perks that her and Johnny are just co workers".

I really doubt Emma opened up to The Sun about George Craig which Echee references profusely and we don't know what Emma actually said about Johnny Simmons, if anything on the set of Perks. When she was on the radio at Glastonbury with George Craig, she didn't deny anything.

Echee says she denied five guys in the past?  I am not sure it can be proven that she even denied one.

Echee  includes a few somewhat unflattering pics of Emma...

Echee Says: Emma straddling Tom Ducker in 2006 and another photo where she is blowing out cigarette smoke

Gilbert Says: Looks like Echee is the one blowing smoke here. I blew up and digitally enhanced this photo. Emma is not blowing smoke. There is a shadow on the wall.

Wrong again Echee!


Anonymous said...

You're nuts!! Give it up. For your own health.

You look sad from this side of your blog

Gilbert said...

@Anon above..

Is that you Echee? Probably not!

Gilbert said...

Maybe I am nuts! I just think Emma is doing pretty good with her life. She is staying out of trouble, doing some movies, going to school. Maybe she says some daft things in Women's magazines, but she hasn't done anything that wrong! Echee is unfair to her most of the time and someone needs to correct it just on principle.

Anonymous said...

I love you Gilbert , you are soo right in every word ! I'm soo happy to find such a great blog as yours to be fair for emma and correct Echee' blog !
Keep your work darling ..