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What if Emma Watson Met Hermione Granger?

March 15, 2011
Reacher's Mountain House

The sun is shining brightly through the large picture window above the kitchen sink.
The room is almost glowing and very colorful with the flowers Emma has placed on the table and strategically throughout the room.
"Where are Win and Lizbeth?" Emma asks casually looking at Prometheus.

They are all eating breakfast. Reacher's fourth Mission will begin later that morning.

This is his first Mission that involves time travel. They need to find the Ark of The Covenant.
Reacher will go back in time about 3 thousand years to the Holy Land.
Sitting clockwise around the table are Reacher, Emma, Rapp, Prometheus and Pendergast.
Lizbeth's and Win's chairs are empty.

Jerry is sitting in his usual chair eating a piece of toast and staring at his laptop.
Judas is still at the stove making some things.
The Child is asleep in a crib that is about 4 feet behind Emma. Troubles and Abomino are sleeping in the crib also on either side of The Child.

"They should be back shortly." Prometheus replies.
"They went to pick up our newest Operative."

"Oh." Emma says tersely.

She takes a sip of juice.
"Probably another Alpha Male." She says. "What is he this time? CIA, FBI, MI6?"

Prometheus chuckles a bit.

"Not this time." He says. "This individual was requested personally by The SBU."

"Maybe she is an Alpha Female... if there is a such a thing."
"Oh good!" Emma says. "We can use another capable female on the Team."

"What's her background?" Emma asks.

"Umm." Prometheus hesitates. "It is hard to describe!"

"You will find out when she gets here."

"Is she good looking?" Reacher asks with a smirk on his face.
Emma punches him lightly in the left arm.

Prometheus looks back and forth at Reacher and Emma for a few seconds.

"No comment." He replies.

"That probably means no!" Reacher says in a facetious tone.

Emma glares at him briefly then suddenly turns her head toward the kitchen door.
Win is opening the door and stepping into the kitchen.
There are two females behind him. Lizbeth and a taller girl with long, curly, brown hair.

Win sits down in his usual chair.

Lizbeth and the new girl are now standing at the edge of the table in between Prometheus and Win.
Emma just stares at the new girl.
Emma's eyes are very wide and her mouth is open. She has a look on her face somewhere between surprise and shock.

The new girl is slender, about 5' 6" tall and has big brown eyes.
He brown hair is long and flowing.
The new girl has a very intense look on her face. She is staring directly back at Emma.
Hermione is wearing the same outfit she was wearing in the Deathly  Hallows Part 1 when Ron came back after leaving for weeks.
"What is she doing here!" Emma cries.

"I might ask you the same question!" Hermione responds flatly with aplomb.

"I happen to be his girlfriend!" Emma shouts back at her.

"Wait!" Emma says with a puzzled look on her face. "Why did I say that?"
"That makes no sense at all!"

She looks over at Jerry.

"What am I Lavender Brown now?" She asks Jerry with a hint of irritation in her voice.

Jerry just shrugs.

Emma sort of waives him off.
"Why am I asking you anyway?" She says.
"You lost control of the Story a long time ago!"
She turns toward Prometheus.

"Prometheus!" She says. "Is this because I almost got Reacher killed during each of his first three Missions?"

"Emma!" Reacher interjects. "Don't say that!"
"There were unforeseen circumstances. You are a good Mission Commander."
"You were not at fault in any way."

"Reacher is correct." Prometheus says in an even tone. "This is not about you."

"The SBU has a Hermione fixation or something. He thinks Voldemort would have won if it were not for her."
"I know that!" Emma says. "He thought I was Hermione ... or Hermi One... or whatever, for most of The Story."

"So now that He has finally figured out I am not Her, he is replacing me?" She asks sounding a little hurt.

"No, of course not!" Prometheus says.
"She is just here to help out. You are still in charge of Reacher's fourth Mission. If he lives, then you will be in charge of his fifth Mission."
"Hey!" Reacher says.

"Just kidding!" Prometheus says and winks at Reacher. "You are an Agent. You are damn near invincible."
Emma folds her arms across her breasts and just stares at Hermione for several seconds.
"She is pretty good looking, anyway!" Reacher says with a devilish grin on his face.
Emma smacks him on the left shoulder with the back of her right hand, then folds her arms over her breasts again.
"Alright." Emma says. "I guess she can help out."
She turns toward Jerry.
"Pathetic Loser Guy." She says.
"Get her a chair for your table. She can sit next to you."
"And the same no talking rules apply." She continues.
"She needs to raise her hand and only I can give her permission to talk."
Jerry eyes widen and he nods vigorously in the affirmative.
He has a libidinous smile on his face.
"Emma!" Prometheus exclaims. "She is an Operative, The SBU wants her to be a part of the Mission briefings."
"She will be out in the field with us on numerous Missions!"
Hermione turns toward Lizbeth.
"Lizbeth, who is this absurdly bossy person?" Hermione asks gesturing toward Emma.
"And why did she take Polyjuice Potion to look like me?"
"Polyjuice Potion!" Emma cries. "You look like you do because of me, not the other way around."

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