Thursday, June 7, 2012

Censorship on Meet The Real Emma Watson

I made one comment as Anonymous on Meet The Real Emma Watson and it didn't show up. I was actually kind of agreeing with ALBS. I said Emma was on a pseudo A list as of now, not a provable bankable A list. My comment didn't make it past Lord Echee. It wasn't some Emma butt kissing comment. It was fairly objective.

I don't see why anyone would even bother with a Blog that is so heavily censored and skewed to one point of view. I guess if you don't say something negative about Emma your comment won't be approved. So you end up with a handful of like minded people saying the same stuff over and over. A dissenting point of view here and there makes it more interesting.

I am sure Echee would say he knew that was me so that is why it was not approved. Maybe Echee is checking IP addresses somehow. If not I guess Echee has decided that anyone who even remotely sounds like Gilbert will not have their comment approved.

Also, I would like to point out, that Echee saying he was done with his Blog completely then changing his mind and  making new posts again but saying there will be no comments, then allowing comments again is a pretty big Flip Flop.

If Emma had a Blog and did exactly what Echee did, Echee would criticize her for it. For changing her mind. Talk about hypocritical.


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Anonymous said...

Eczema doing a flip flop = acceptable
Emma doing a flip flop = unacceptable