Tuesday, June 19, 2012

itsemmawatsonbitch.tumblr is not much different than Meet The Real Emma Watson

Lets take a look at the last meme from Sneezy, Squidgy, and StarFart over on tumblr...

"There is nothing better than to dress in organic clothes" Emma says.

"Wears anything but organic clothes" They say.

How the hell do they know?

1. We only see a very small fraction of Emma's total life (less than 1 percent). Sometimes months go by and there are not many pictures of her. Especially, when she is in school.

2. Can Sniffy, Snoopy and Squashbrains identify organic clothing just by looking at a picture of someone?

Take the pictures of Emma at the airport the other day. Can anyone say definitively that nothing Emma was wearing is organic? You can't tell! Even WalMart has some organic clothing now. It looks like crap, but it is technically organic.

Snoozy, Silly and Dopey probably have no clue about fashion at all, but they claim Emma never wears organic clothing.

They just make stuff up!



Anonymous said...

Ya, and those girls at itsemmawatsonbitch don't even have a way for people to refute what they say. The "Ask" thing is turned off most of the time.

Abraham Dehner said...

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