Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet the real Emma Watson comments are back

Echee has decided to allow comments again (with some rules):

1.)  I welcome all comments that disagree with what I post as long as they are thought out and not posted in a derogatory way. You don’t have to be Socrates but it would nice to see some thought behind it. If I agree I will say so like I have in the past. If not I will respectfully disagree.
2.)  There will be no Emma Watson fan praise or glorification in a taunting way directed toward me or anyone else who does not hold that same belief.  If you want to chant cult like slogans or sing kumbaya with like-minded people I suggest you go find that elsewhere. You don’t belong here.
3.)  Gilbert Bates do not bother commenting. You will not have yours approved. I know how you type so don’t bother commenting under different names or anonymous like you always did to hide that it’s you. I can’t debate with someone who publically states Emma Watson is a messiah figure.
4.)  There will be no twisting of her quotes to what you think she meant in defense of what she actually said. There will be no fan fiction or thought up conversation you think she has. There will be no lame excuses like her PR team makes her say that or she doesn’t actually do the interviews.
5.)  I will not accept any comments in an Internet tantrum form. If you don’t like what I post here I suggest you no longer visit my blog. No one is forcing you to come here or read what I post. Just stay in the conformity of Emma Watson worship sites. We like to express our own opinions here.

Gilbert says: Echee has a rule just for me. Fair enough! I get a little crazy sometimes with my comments.

Just for the record, though, I never publicly stated Emma Watson was a "Messiah Figure".  She gives birth to the "The Last Messiah" which is a dumb story I am writing. 

She is not a messiah herself and it was not a virgin birth. 1 Billion people watched The Conception of The Last Messiah live online. The powers that be in the Universe wanted to tap into the collective consciousness of humanity to bring The Conception to messianic levels.

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Anonymous said...

You are one serious wackadoodle Gilbert!