Friday, June 8, 2012

More Censroship on Meet The Real Emma Watson

I am 0 for 2 on my comments so far since Echee brought them back. To be fair, my last comment was really obvious that it was me. Echee's General Order number 3 is "No Gilberts". I wish he would make it General Order number 4. That has an interesting original Star Trek parallel. It basically mandates that no one has the right to interfere with primitave cultures. That sort of fits my commenting on Echee's Blog.

Anyway, I was trying to respond to what was a pretty good comment by ALBS, but Lord Echee didn't approve it. Just for the record here it is ...

"pretty good comment albs, it wasn't that long. i think we all agree that celebrities shouldn't be role models to begin with, but alas they are, that's just the world we live in. emma is not the worst celebrity role model, but probably not the best either. plus i don't think all her fans have her on as a high a pedestal as you think. if she does this Noah movie she will probably miss more school. there are several people on eden's blog right now criticizing her for missing school and possibly missing more school this fall. they like her but can also be critical of her. emma said on jonathan ross in 2009 just before college started "i want to do everything!" ok so maybe she should focus on one thing either school or acting an not try to do both. but since she was nine years old she would do a movie then go back to school then do another movie then go back to school. she is in the same pattern she has been in for most of her life. if she completely drops out of school at some point and never finishes her degree she will look really bad. if she finishes her degree while continuing her career this is not so bad. this comment won't be approved so you will never see it albs, but it is the thought that counts anyway...."

I wonder if some of the smarter people on Echee's Blog (like ALBS) are starting to figure out that they are not part of some free open forum of ideas. Echee is the filter of discussion and he really dislikes Emma Watson. I responded twice to ALBS with comments. Just to ALBS, not Echee. I could care less what Echee thinks to be honest. But ALBS will never know I said anything. Think about the Catholic Church surpressing ideas or maybe Nazi Germany. Echee has it covered.



Rose said...

Several hours ago I provided the correct term for the sport Emma was seen playing to correct another poster who stated she was playing stick ball. Echee still has yet to post it, yet other posts which came after mine are up there. God forbid anyone should provide factual information.

Gilbert said...

Thanks Rose, Echee still thinks you are me, even though we have both made very cogent arguments that we are not the same person. Echee is wrong quite a bit, but is too pig headed to realize it.

I think that was Sprinkles from itsemmawatsonbitch who said that stick ball thing. They think they have things "verbatim" and only present the truth but they are just as sloppy as Echee.

Anonymous said...

Wow Gilbert and Rose you are both amazing !! I love you guys :")

Anonymous said...

Well I just found out the meettherealemmawatson blog n well what can I say if I he said it's not hate when everything just sounds like hate to me. Honestly I'm an Emma Watson fan but I don't make her my goddess. I know she has flaw and is not perfect at all. She actually reminds it to girls all over the world. But he just focuses in on thing "she flip flops her mind" a whole blog about that. He sounds so pathetic and should get a life serious. He thinks he is someone so huge to judge before knowing that person