Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Big Picture

Rose informed me that Echee had a new post about me and my Blog. Thank you Rose.

Part One. Why this Blog was started.

Echee seems to want to set the record straight about me and this Blog. As usual, most of what he says is not entirely accurate. No big surprise there.

Here is what really happened....

A month or two ago, I forget, Echee took his Blog down. Someone noticed and said something on Eden's Blog and I think it was actually Eden that said "maybe he went private". I chuckled at this thinking that would be really stupid of Echee but didn't really think that was likely. I admit I was a little disappointed that maybe the Blog was going away, because sometimes it was fun.

So after a little while the Blog shows up again. Someone mentioned it somewhere so I went there and took a quick look. I think Echee said something like he was going to leave all the old stuff there for people to see but just forget about it or something and not do any new posts, I can't remember exactly what he said.

So then a little more time goes by and Echee starts making new posts. He claims he doesn't want to allow comments for some reason, I forget what he actually said, but it was pretty lame.

I admit, I found some of his new posts incredibly dense and just way off from the truth, but there was no way to respond so I decided to start this Blog, so at least people had a chance to exchange their thoughts and opinions without some megalomaniac, control freak suppressing the free exchange of ideas.

Then some more time goes by and Echee brings comments back. He clearly decrees that I am banned. OK, fair enough. So I started to take some of his posts and write my own commentary on them. Slowly, some other people started to find my Blog. And more recently, everytime Echee censors a comment, people know they can come here and say what's on their mind.

So I am getting comments that were intended for Echee's Blog but wind up here. That's fine with me. I don't really have much time lately to work on this Blog and to be honest I spend a lot of time on Geek Blogs talking about computer nerd shi .. stuff. Like cracks and hacks and new apps and things like that.....

Part Two. The Analyses of Echee Post "Meet the True Emma Watson (GILBERT BATES BLOG) "

Tomorrow I will provide an in depth analysis of what Echee said in his latest post about me.

For example,

Echee says: "He (Gilbert) only uses one side. I show both sets of quotes. I don't discriminate anything she says."

I had to laugh at this (and not just at the piss poor grammer and syntax). Echee never, ever uses both sides. He has not onced used a positive quote about Emma or from Emma and never, ever mentions anything positive about her "real" life.

You know, she seems like a pretty decent person to me. I don't think it is all some big act. Emma is figuring things out as she goes and has done pretty good so far managing her life. She has strong family ties and has not had any major scandal (yet).

With the quote above, Echee proves he is an inveterate, pathalogical liar by claiming he shows both sides of Emma.

More to come tomorrow.. Good night!



Anonymous said...

go get him gilby

Anonymous said...

You suck Gilbert! Echee will win the end!

Anonymous said...

this blog is excellent! good work !

Anonymous said...

Echee suck , Gilbert win

Anonymous said...

You are a boss Gilbert , great work in your blog , its attacker and threatener for echee's blog ! Go ahead

Anonymous said...

after reading both blogs , yours is more logical than echee's blog , he is based on his own opinion and assumption without any consideration for others who disagree with him , he is always right and any positive comment for emma is wrong and for emma's fan ! .

I have post this comment in his blog and he ignored it , so I come to your blog and post it .

Anonymous said...

Echee claims the blog is based on Emma's interviews but Emma hasn't really done any interview in 2012 but she still continues to post articles.
When HP7 part 2 was being promoted, Emma did a lot of interviews (many are on youtube). You'd think Echee would have been all over these interviews to read through everything she said. But no, she hardly wrote about them on her blog. Her blog's content is quite cheap, especially for someone who boasts about knowing the "real Emma Watson" and who probably dedicate a lot of her spare time to Emma.
She spare more time replying to the comments than developping a intelligent criticism of the celeb she hates.

Anonymous said...

Now Echee has a post about Noah ! How silly ! he just being so mad at those amazing roles she has and try to find anything to criticize her !
Emma does a good choices of roles , no one can deny that , as for lead or support role it doesn't matter she still so young and has more upcoming leading roles ( beauty and the beast , Your Voice in My Head )

Anonymous said...

I swear, the same person from WatsonUncensored keeps posting here, agreeing with themselves. Their punctuation style and limited grasp of English gives them away... No problem with agreeing, but how many times can you comment on one post? 5 times in this one alone...

Anonymous said...

anon above excuse me but you are sound so strange!
I don't think so at all, its impossible what you pretend to going here and there cause so many people visiting
WatsonUncensored and now more people start to visit Gilbert's blog .

~ Lana

Gilbert said...


"When HP7 part 2 was being promoted, Emma did a lot of interviews (many are on youtube)."

I agree with this. There as so many video interviews of Emma, but Echee ignores all of them. He only quotes her in Teen Vogue, French Elle, Mexican Seventeen, The Sun, The Daily Mail, etc, etc...

Why not quote one thing where we know Emma actually said it and you can see her facial expressions, and here her tone of voice. Echee never uses video interviews.

Gilbert said...

@ Anon:

"Their punctuation style and limited grasp of English gives them away..."

The internet is in pretty much every country on Earth now. There are many people who want to say things and interact with the emerging "Global Consciousness".

It is OK if their English isn't perfect. As long as you can discern the point they are trying to make.

English is my first and only language. I can't criticize others who are typing in English when it might be their second or even third language.