Monday, July 2, 2012

So Let's Take a Closer Look at Some of These Meme's

Part One

Echee has  a truck load of new "memes" on his Blog. Echee kind of copied the idea that Spinkles and the others had on the tumblr blog, but no big deal. It is a pretty good idea conceptually. You can show a somewhat unflattering picture of someone (in this case Emma) and add what appear to be lies and deceptions.

What is a "meme" anyway?

A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. (from wiki)

OK, fair enough! I just don't want the false ones to spread. Someone needs to examine these "memes" a little closer and do a validity check on them. They are all based on a shred of truth, there is no doubt. But other things have been based on just a shred of truth in the past and now seem extremely improbable.

Take Noah and The Great Flood for example. There was a flood, yes. There were lots of floods.


1. It was not the whole world that flooded. The people back then did not know they lived on a planet. They did not know the earth was round. The whole world to them was essentially as far as they could see or walk.

They assumed it was the whole world but they were wrong!

2. God had nothing to do with it. There have been many floods, earthquakes, volcanos erupting, etc and people back then always thought it was "God" or "The Gods" that were angry with them. They didn't understand what caused natural phenomena at that time so they made assuptions. They needed explainations so the world they lived in would make sense.

This is an example of an event being misinterpreted for centuries. What acutally happened was that after the last ice age, there was a large body of water trapped at elevation in the mountains now known as the Swiss Alps. As the earth warmed this body of water broke free and rushed down into the Adriatic then into the Mediterranean. (This could also have been from the Black Sea and a different mountain range)

A guy, maybe his name was Noah, noticed the water rising. He told his family to get on their boat. He  noticed one of his sons putting 5 goats and 6 chickens or whatever on the boat. Noah said, no we don't have room for all the farm animals. Just take two of each, a male and a female.

That's it! That's the story of Noah and the Great Flood. It was a natual event that had nothing to do with God. It was embellished and distorted over centuries and ended up in the Bible.

This happens all the time. Words and events can be altered and distorted and if no one catches it early on it can become the Truth.

First meme examination:

This is actually two quotes combined together and Echee had the unmitigated gall to say  they were verbatim quotes. Emma didn't say anything about convictions when she supposedly said she would never do a celebrity fragrance in 2007. She didn't actually use the words "celebrity fragance" either. It was about her "own perfume".

She was 17 at the time and was answering fan questions.

This is what really happened...  (from a comment on Echee's Blog who I think is from Potter Shots, they explained it fairly well)

For example, in 2007 she was responding to fan questions in a video interview
about launching her own perfume. Just FYI the question before the perfume question was ,
"what did you ask Santa Claus for Christmas?" But the perfume question
was "If you had the chance to launch your own perfume, what you would call it?"
Emma laughs and said "She never would". So four years later Lancome comes
out with "their" own new perfume and cosmetics and hires Emma Watson to promote
them. (The same as Anne Hathaway and Julie Roberts and others by the
way) ... and Echee claims Emma lied about launching her own perfume. Is
this what passes for deductive reason and uncovering the "truth" these days?
This is a pretty lame attempt at calling Emma a liar!

I agree with that person. This was pretty lame by Echee. He alters the words and combines two quotes together that were from different time periods. What kind of crap is that?

This is Echee/Sprinkle meme examination Part 1. I will do another one tomorrow (maybe). If anyone wants to use their knowledge of Emma to help refute these unfair accusations against a decent actress and decent person, just provide the info in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gilbert! I like the Biblical analogy's you provide. I am starting to question more and more about what I am supposed to believe. Thanks and keep up the good word!

Anonymous said...

I love you Gilbert! Echee's Blog has really gotten distastful lately. Lots of bad language and stuff that makes no sense. Echee is losing it I think. He doesn't really provide any counter postulations when defending himself, he resorts to Emma Loon stuff and everyone in the world but him and xxs are delusional. Keep it going. I wish you would do more posts!

Anonymous said...

Wow great job Gilbert ! please keep this blog running and do more posts , I love your blog .

Anonymous said...

gilbert echee has new post about emma stalker loons! seems a little over the bottom. can you write something to counter echee, he seems to be going for eden who i like! tanks

Anonymous said...

Really crazy echee ! his latest post is so stupid : /

Anonymous said...

I think as a fan for emma its so normal to be stalker and so obsessed with her because we love her and would love to know everything about her as possible , but as anti-fan its so strang to be like that , as what echee doing in his blog although he didn't like her he keep stalk her everywhere !
So instead of that post he must do a post about his strange obsession ! Or you can do it Gilbert ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh my god ! I'm really tired from echee's stupidness !! pretty obvious this guy hasn't anything to do with his life ! First attack emma then turned to her fans : /

Anonymous said...

This is Gilbert. I am too lazy to log in right now. I pretty much agree with everyone above. This latest post by Echee is a little lame. I think I agree with Azeroth. Echee has like picture after picture of Emma. It takes like five minutes to scroll down to reach the comments. All these pictures were not taken by Emma fans. They could be taken by anyone who recognized her.

Echee seems to be attacking Eden and maybe the people at Potter Shots now. They are not bad people. I like Eden. She has had a Blog for years and just posts anything she can find about Emma. Who cares?

Echee obviously thinks Emma is a bad person, but now he thinks Eden is a bad person too?

Eden hasn't done anything that wrong in my opinion and Emma hasn't either.

Apart from some dumb quotes in women's magazines, I think Emma is doing pretty damn good! She looks good. She is getting some acting work but has also finished a substantial part of her degree in English or History or Physics or whatever it is in.

Take it easy Echee! Echee seems to be getting more and more maniacal in his attacks on Emma. Lighten up a bit! She is not perfect, but she is still in the upper realm of female celebrities at this point. She may be a force over the next several years. She may crash and burn. Who knows? Let's just wait and see.

Rose said...

Echee states that he doesn't care what roles Emma takes. Has memes criticizing Emma for the roles she takes.

(I don't care what she does, roles she takes, who she dates or who she becomes friends with.--From Meet the Real Emma Watson blog's opening statement)

Gilbert said...

Good point Rose! Echee is pretty much as contradictive as he claims Emma is!

Anonymous said...

Gilbert its so funny how echee consider any positive comment and against him is yours , I have post comment there about your blog how its so worthy of visiting and how you are so respectable person and he expect me you !!

~ Lana

Anonymous said...

Echee would be the laughing stock even among people who dislike Emma. I don't get what you people still bother to visit her blog.

Anonymous said...

We must stop visiting his blog and ignoring him when we are completely convinced that his post is full of nonsense

Rose said...

Echee removed the organic vs non-organic clothing meme.

Gilbert said...

He spelled non wrong. He was saying "none organic"

Rose said...

Gilbert said: "He spelled non wrong. He was saying "none organic""

Yes, and I informed him of that. The meme after that read (paraphrased) "Says wearing organic clothing is better than wearing non organic clothing Wears organic clothing" amd then that one was deleted.

Gilbert said...

Good job Rose! He didn't actually post your comment though, I am guessing.

Rose said...

Gilbert said: "Good job Rose! He didn't actually post your comment though, I am guessing."

No, he didn't, but he got the terms screwed up because it should have been "Says wearing organic clothing is better than wearing non-organic clothing. Wears non-organic clothing".