Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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You've Got Some Splaining to do Miss Watson!

I tried to defend Emma when she said she played beer pong after she said she didn't drink at Brown. I mean ....  maybe she played beer pong for 5 minutes and took a few sips of beer. That wouldn't be a huge lie.

But this whole education thing is impossible to defend. I have nothing. If she went to Brown this semester (Fall 2012)  then next semester, maybe you could somehow fudge that she had enough credits to graduate, but missing two semesters at Brown and part of the year at Oxford is too much. There is no way she has enough credits to get a degree in English (Class of 2013).


Anonymous said...

maybe emma was doing school work when she was reading that book in her panties with the pen in her mouth. maybe she has been doing online work and earning credits while on the set of her recent movies. her career is more important than some hollow, meaningless college degree anyway.

education was important to her, now it isn't. she just wants to get it over with and not hurt her image too much.

she is doing good right now. her career is on track. she was great on the jimmy kimmel show. someone on potter shots quipped while she was dancing and her dress was going higher and higher up her thighs ... "at least i am wearing underwear."

emma is still wearing the metaphorical underwear, unlike say lindsay lohan, who just had another incident in manhattan. i think emma will hang in there for a few years and then fade, but never have any major scandal.

then she will reappear like 10 years from now in something and get things going again briefly then that will be it, she will be married and have a bunch of kids and run her own company but will not be in the public eye anymore.

Anonymous said...

Emma Watson was on Jimmy Fallon you moron! That dance bit was priceless though. Emma does have some good moves.

Anonymous said...

I actually really want to discuss this on Echees blog (since it gets more traffic, no offense Gilbert) but he seems to be MIA.

Glad you are accepting the facts on the table and not making excuses for her. I know youre a fan, and generally give her the benefit of the doubt but it's cool of you to note that there is no way she has her credits. She is definitely abusing the education system, and her PR will ensure she will get away with it

Anonymous said...

@Anon.. Glad you are accepting the facts on the table and not making excuses for her

Oh, I will come up with something to make an excuse for her. It will be total bullshit, but I will think of something.

Where is Echee anyway? He could have opened the comments and put the captcha thing on to prevent Spam. All lot has happened since Echee has been away.


Anonymous said...

Gilbert, where'd you go? I need some Echee counterpoint!